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Welcome to the website of the Rabbinical Assembly, Ontario Region, comprised of Conservative rabbis from the GTA, Hamilton, London, and St Catharines. As part of the International Rabbinical Assembly, we support the professional and personal needs of our rabbis, and serve the greater Jewish community through programs and education.

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Considering Judaism?

Conversion to Judaism

The Conservative Movement welcomes individuals considering becoming Jews by choice. Candidates for conversion choose a sponsoring rabbi who oversees the conversion process as well as the successful completion of a Jewish course of study. For most candidates, the Introduction to Judaism course offered by the Rabbinical Assembly – Ontario Region is the appropriate choice. Where applicable, the Jewish partner is expected to participate fully in the course of study. Candidates also meet regularly with their sponsoring rabbi.

Candidates are expected to display ongoing commitment to living a life of mitzvot, Jewish commandments. This commitment grows each month through learning and practice.

The Rabbinical Assembly, Ontario Region also facilitates conversions for adopted children and children born to a non-Jewish mother.

For more information about the Introduction to Judaism class or how to find a mentoring rabbi, click here.

Lifecycle Events

“One of the most wonderful features of the Jewish religion is the way in which it adds meaning and holiness to life literally from birth to death. Each detail in its own way helps to concretize the values of Judaism in the most helpful and practical fashion.”
Rabbi Carl N. Astor, The Observant Life

Our member rabbis and congregations are happy and honoured to help individuals and families celebrate milestones and offer support during times of need.

If you are interested in speaking with a Conservative Rabbi, please contact one of our congregations or contact the Rabbinical Assembly, Ontario Region Secretary. If you need immediate help, please contact the synagogue directly. Please include the reason for your contact and if you want to reach a specific rabbi.

Prayer and Minyan

Minyan, the prayer quorum, provides a sacred space in which to pray, celebrate, and find comfort in community. Certain prayers, including the Kaddish recited by mourners, can only be recited with a minyan. Our congregations maintain daily, Shabbat, and Holiday minyanim. Please contact individual synagogues for their minyan times.

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